Sunday, June 11, 2017


My Day After Mystic Beads 

There is never a dull moment when I do readings out of Mystic Beads and Earth Ware in Niles, Mi! The line is always full when I pull up, and sometimes I'm a little nervous to get out of my car because I feel like the paparazzi is outside! lol I absolutely love Julie and Boyd (The owners), and the shop is beautiful, it is the best crystal shop in the Michiana Area. I want to share with you guys stories about some of the readings, and what I learned from them after thinking about them. It always amazes me that even after 5 years of doing readings I have much more to learn.

xoxo, Dusten

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Getting Prepped for my Group Reading at Hawthorn Golf Club!


My day started with waiting for my mom to meet me at Dan O' Day's Dance Studio in Mishawaka, IN. We started off learning the Waltz and the Fox Trot! It was such a lovely time, thanks Jan and Dan!

Doesn't the studio look beautiful? Almost as beautiful as my mom. :) 

After our dance lesson, mom took me out to Hacienda, one of my favorite restaurants! We both ordered the burrito bowls because we are trying to live healthier lifestyles. (Don't tell her I said this, but we both have muffin tops). :P

After lunch, I got packed and drove off to Fischer's Indiana for my Group Reading at the Hawthorne Golf Club! It was by far the fanciest venue I have ever been booked for. Thank you Toby and Lindsey for making this possible! P.S. I apologize for making you nervous around the camera Lindsey, you came out of nowhere and surprised me! lol

After eating the most delicious duck I have ever had (thanks for recommending it Lindsey), it was time to get prepared backstage! Just a touch up on my hair, and arguing with Spirits trying to get them to wait their turn. It's so annoying when Spirits are impatient and want me to start working before a show. 

The Show was a success! I think they may even invite me again next year! I won't forget the most amazing messages that came through for a couple who unfortunately lost their son. I also connected to my first Tree Frog! lmao! Frogs make it to the other side everybody! Thank you Spirit for this amazing opportunity. :)

xoxo, Dusten

Monday, March 6, 2017

I loved this year's Women's Expo!


For those of you who don't know, I volunteer every year for the Women's Expo through C2YourHealth LLC ran by Cindy Cohen, a wonderful lady and friend. I donated two hours of my time this year for the lovely ladies at the expo held at the Century Center in South Bend, In. I apologize to the group who came just to see me, only to find that I was booked for the whole time in less than 10 min. Check out the video of me entering the event! 


As you can see, there are tons of vendors at the event! It is such a privilege to be able to impact the Michiana area in such a positive and unique way! Thank you ladies for the opportunity, and I made so many new friends!

I won't forget when I was reading for this one great lady who was another vendor at the event, after her mom came through she told me her mom would say I was "BOSS" because of my coat! hahahaha. I have never been "Boss" before! Thank you so much for the compliment!

I would also like to thank the one girl who ran the water booth for giving me her popcorn! After doing so many readings and forgetting to pack snacks, it was needed to reground and continue my work for Spirit and the greater community! It was so fun, I can't wait until next year! :D

xoxo, Dusten 😘😘😘

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I enjoyed my trip to Indy this past weekend!

I went down to Indy this past weekend to visit with one of my best friends, Jared! I absolutely adore him and his partner, Israel (Izzy). Check out a behind the scenes look at all of us eating and enjoying each others' company before leaving for a night out! 

I know Jared spent a good 2 hours getting his face on before channeling his inner drag queen, Jarica! :D Thank you, Drew! (Drew is such a cutie, he needs a man) 

After partying and nursing my hangover, I have awoken to the sunlight rays. 

The next morning we decided to go out to breakfast at a cute little place called "Downtown Ollie's..."

Where I had the best Bagel I have ever had. Thank you, Allen! 

I am so looking forward to seeing my boys again soon! Happy Birthday again, Jared! I will be coming back to see you very soon! xoxo, Dusten

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Hear Some Messages!

I'm sharing with you guys some of the messages I received this past week! These are real messages that have come through from spirits, I promise you. They're not always what we expect! I love how Spirit always knows what to give us though. Enjoy. :)

xoxo, Dusten

Friday, February 17, 2017

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A Quick Little Resume

The Trick to a "One Pager Resume" is to put the most relevant things down for the job or position that you are wanting to have. Check mine out, and hopefully this will give you an idea on how to get that job or position you have been wanting. This Resume is for a Graduate Researcher Position, notice how I hit relevant information they may be looking for, such as editing, and having different perspectives. You're Welcome. ;)

Quick Highlights
Dusten Lyvers
Age: 23
1st year grad student at IU South Bend studying Mental Health Counseling

• SOCACT (Social Action Project) I’m working with Dr. De Bryant who is one of the 50 ambassadors for the world parliament of religions on giving people from different spiritual faiths and cultures a platform to educate the public on their rituals and traditions. This is a 3 year project, we are 1 year in.
• Transformative Grief Doctoral Thesis: I’m with Dr. Kylie Rogalla on checking in with her participants during her doctoral thesis study. We are brainstorming the best questions to ask and how to proceed systematically. We are currently waiting for IRB approval.
• Quick Fixes: I just finished a project with Dr. Catherine Borshuk and two other researchers on the belief in quick fixes. We made our own research questions, ran our own stats, and presented our results at Purdue Northwestern.

• Editor for Undergrad Research Journal
• Studied Abroad in Japan
• Studied Abroad in England
• Self-Employed Spiritual Therapist (4 years now)
• Two Minors: Interpersonal Communication & East Asian Studies
• B.A. in Psychology
• Certificates through IUSB: Applied Behavior Analysis & International Studies
• Many Spiritual Certs (Life Coach, Reiki Master, Medium, etc.)
• Volunteered for over 30 Organizations (Mooseheart, Special Olympics, Hello, Gorgeous, etc.)
• Raised thousands of dollars through fundraising events with me as the main event

• Pro Bono Work

This entire document fits into one page on Word. Employees or internship sites like to see relevant information, it wouldn't hurt to label the sections. Yes, Character is something many business sites care about as well. We don't want to hire people who aren't honest or who don't play well with others. Hope you found this helpful! :)

Monday, February 13, 2017

Day Two of my Spiritual Retreat

As I say good-bye again to the outside digital world and my technology, I say hello to rest, relaxation, and my soul. I am disconnecting from the hustle and bustle, and even time itself, and reconnecting to my inner self, and higher power...

I have decided that tonight I will end my two day spiritual retreat at 5pm due to the sheer amount of e-mails, messages, and texts I have received from clients. I have to schedule appointments for the next week...

My day started at midnight (technically) where I was dancing at Woochi Japanese Bistro & Bar for Geurilla Gay Bar (GGB), the event held once a month where a bar in South Bend will host the LGBT community for a night on the town! I only used my phone to text a couple friends (absolutely no social media, and I allowed myself mild use of technology after 8:30pm) to hang at GGB. I figured it was okay to use my phone for this purpose because it was goal oriented (meet people for GGB) as opposed to being used just for fun. Again, I felt so present today at the bar. I had no worries from work, or others that were not with me at the bar. I felt I had discovered a secret world where I am fully whole and experiencing every moment of my life. I had so much fun, I even found a cutie to dance the night away with. ;) I had friends all over the bar, Meghan who runs the organization TREES for transgendered individuals showed me where a coat rack was in the bar, when the staff told me that they did not have one. I suppose my manifesting abilities were at work even at the bar! Of course everyone and their mother followed suit after I hung my coat up. I had friends in the back of the bar at the round table in the corner, so I had a place to sit down in between my dancing breaks. I also had my dancing friends, and even friends that would go to the bar to order me drinks! I had a great time even though I went alone! (I never did find anyone to technically go with me). 

When I woke up at 11am after resting from going to bed around 4am, I enjoyed coffee, and turkey bacon and turkey sausage. After I finished my breakfast, I started a cleaning spree! I did 4 loads of laundry, 2 loads of dishes, took out the trash, and even threw out these old dead plants in my front yard that have been here since I moved in (this was in November)! I also found some dog toys, a pooper scooper, and a dog post thing in my back yard, I gave them to my next door neighbors who have a dog. I even found time to start my taxes for 2017! I still feel empowered, whole, strong, solid, and myself. I think I'm pretty cool after spending this time bonding with myself. Omgosh, I have also been having some physical phenomena happening! I always knew I had some physical mediumship (where my energy moves physical items), and since my energy is so high from disconnecting it has been knocking down clothes, pens, and even a wine glass in the kitchen. This is my life. 

I later took a nap, I mean, I was partying 'til the AM. When I woke up I realized dancing is part of my soul's food. I feel like nothing can hurt me when I dance, I also feel this feeling when I run. I won't make a career out of it, but I have to do it. I feel fulfilled. I know I can handle the outside world by myself, I went to a huge bar all alone! My faith in humanity is restored, and my energy is still extremely high as I write this. I manifest even the littlest of things to aid myself in my daily life, and my energy is where it needs to be. I thank Spirit for giving me the insight to know I needed this cleanse, and I can't wait for my next spiritual retreat from technology! 

xoxo, Dusten