Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Getting Prepped for my Group Reading at Hawthorn Golf Club!

My day started with waiting for my mom to meet me at Dan O' Day's Dance Studio in Mishawaka, IN. We started off learning the Waltz and the Fox Trot! It was such a lovely time, thanks Jan and Dan!

Doesn't the studio look beautiful? Almost as beautiful as my mom. :) 

After our dance lesson, mom took me out to Hacienda, one of my favorite restaurants! We both ordered the burrito bowls because we are trying to live healthier lifestyles. (Don't tell her I said this, but we both have muffin tops). :P

After lunch, I got packed and drove off to Fischer's Indiana for my Group Reading at the Hawthorne Golf Club! It was by far the fanciest venue I have ever been booked for. Thank you Toby and Lindsey for making this possible! P.S. I apologize for making you nervous around the camera Lindsey, you came out of nowhere and surprised me! lol

After eating the most delicious duck I have ever had (thanks for recommending it Lindsey), it was time to get prepared backstage! Just a touch up on my hair, and arguing with Spirits trying to get them to wait their turn. It's so annoying when Spirits are impatient and want me to start working before a show. 

The Show was a success! I think they may even invite me again next year! I won't forget the most amazing messages that came through for a couple who unfortunately lost their son. I also connected to my first Tree Frog! lmao! Frogs make it to the other side everybody! Thank you Spirit for this amazing opportunity. :)

xoxo, Dusten

Monday, March 6, 2017

I loved this year's Women's Expo!

For those of you who don't know, I volunteer every year for the Women's Expo through C2YourHealth LLC ran by Cindy Cohen, a wonderful lady and friend. I donated two hours of my time this year for the lovely ladies at the expo held at the Century Center in South Bend, In. I apologize to the group who came just to see me, only to find that I was booked for the whole time in less than 10 min. Check out the video of me entering the event! 

As you can see, there are tons of vendors at the event! It is such a privilege to be able to impact the Michiana area in such a positive and unique way! Thank you ladies for the opportunity, and I made so many new friends!

I won't forget when I was reading for this one great lady who was another vendor at the event, after her mom came through she told me her mom would say I was "BOSS" because of my coat! hahahaha. I have never been "Boss" before! Thank you so much for the compliment!

I would also like to thank the one girl who ran the water booth for giving me her popcorn! After doing so many readings and forgetting to pack snacks, it was needed to reground and continue my work for Spirit and the greater community! It was so fun, I can't wait until next year! :D

xoxo, Dusten 😘😘😘